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Destination: Failure! are distinguishing themselves from the vast majority of skapunk bands. Alongside references to established players like Mad Caddies or Lagwagon, they tend to incorporate elements from melodic hardcore bands like Rise Against: brutal breakdowns are followed by the pompous wind section, which yields the floor to sophisticated four-part vocals. In the last four years, the band has played about 100 shows, opening up for international acts as Abuela Coca, NoRelax, The Locos, Itchy Poopzkid, P.O.Box, Brainless Wankers, Russkaya, Bluekilla and 5Bugs. Especially love, the Munich-based septet serves an explosive mixture that brings dance-centered ska fans and well-trained hardcore listeners together in one moshpit that has worlds colliding.
On the new album "Are We There Yet?", Destination: Failure! spread their wings. Nobody would have expected such an easy going album from an unsigned Munich band: Courageously and virtuous they experiment with metal guitars and legionnaire trumpets without losing connection to their audience. Every taste will be served: "Ruins of our past" seduces the listener in almost balladesque manner, "Control" fuels the tough guys in front of the stage, "Breaking Down" salutes the headbanging fraction and "Wouldn't it be nice" is an amazing incentive for ska dancing. The only question remaining is: how are they going to outperform this CD?

Contact: Jakob (
Tel: +49 177 4767560
File under: skapunk melodic hardcore poppunk
Sounds like: Mad Caddies, Rise Against, RX Bandits

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